Bath and Shower solution

                                                                                      for dry  skin conditions

                                                                                      100% Natural - NZ Made

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Why Choose Us?

 Bathzen's mission was to create a 100% natural product that was eco friendly with a no mess, easy to use solution for dry and itchy skin. A product that helps soothe and soften, gentle on the skin and the planet.

The natural ingredients of Oats and Calendula form the base for all Bathzen products, with the healing properties to soothe and calm a wide range of skin conditions.

                                                                With Free Delivery NZ Wide

"Our little Mabel LOVES her baby bags from Bathzen! She used one tonight for her bath and is fast asleep!! Great success and such a nice product! Treat your little ones!"

First Bathzen Customer!

About Us

Bathzen's inspiration, Sadie my granddaughter suffers eczema and dry skin, I wanted to find a natural product to help soothe and moisturise her skin.

After a lot of research I found the formulation of Oats and Calendula in the bath had many benefits for dry and itchy skin. After using the Bathzen Baby Bag's rubbing the bag over the dry patches,  Sadie's skin appeared less inflamed and itchy.

We have been overwhelmed, with the results from others with similar skin conditions. So we hope you will also find the same benefits and results!

                                                            Sharon & Zoe